Authentic Amalfi Coast

The contest

The contest called for web design projects and ideas in terms of User Interface and User Experience for implementation of the Destination Portal of the Authentic Amalfi Coast brand.

The main objective behind creating a destination portal was to keep together the entire offer of the Amalfi Coast, while highlighting the lesser known and explored destinations in order to make the tourism sustainable.

Authentic Amalfi Coast case study
Authentic Amalfi Coast brief

The challenge

We wanted to understand how can users make the most of the portal while meeting the objectives of the contest of making the tourism sustainable.

Among the declared objectives:
• To identify why people use destination portals
• To understand how user’s needs can be matched with the objective of the contest
• To define a clear information architecture for the portal and create graphic layouts for the same.

Understanding the users’ needs would allow to provide the right content and functionality for the portal, thereby effectively communicating all of Amalfi coast’s potential offerings.

The project

To respond to the brief of the contest it was necessary to investigate motivations behind using destination apps. We began with a secondary research which made us realise that it was first important to zoom out and look at the bigger picture of travelling behaviours.  We identified travel trends and problems faced while planning trips.

Further to confirm our findings and explore them in depth we carried out a survey. The results of the same helped us concretely identify user pain points and wants while travelling.

The user research helped us create 2 personas through whose lens we were able to design a digital portal which not only promotes tourism in a sustainable manner but also meet the needs of those using it.

Authentic Amalfi Coast project

Looking at the challenge from the lens of its users helped in identifying pain points as well as functionality which would be missed had we designed the portal only to promote sustainable tourism.

The investigation allowed us to create a holistic solution that provides users the power to travel through Amalfi according to their needs while providing them all the information they will need to do so, while also promoting local businesses and culture.

The Authentic Amalfi coast destination portal was designed to meet the need of all its users: tourists and locals.


User Research
Customer Journey
Ux – UI

Authentic Amalfi Coast personas
Authentic Amalfi Coast app

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